Vanity obsession

In my opinion, vanities will never go out of style.

I see these beautiful old vanities in consignment stores all the time, I don't think people know what they have :)

Creative seating with shells

If you live in Louisiana there is no doubt you've thrown out your share of oyster shells.

Why not use 'em?

I stopped by a client's house one afternoon and fell in love with their unique nook showcasing the family's love for seafood! 


Inspiring interiors

The question I'm asked the most as an artist is, "Where do you find inspiration?"

Creation: Periwinkle Rain

Inspiration: Interior design by Myrica Bergqvist

It's a big question. If we knew exactly where our next inspiration would come from, where would the journey be?  

We all differ, but here is an idea for where you can look if you find yourself a bit underwhelmed with ideas.